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The Festival of Angels

The purpose of the festival is to pray with our guardian angels that surround us with their constant protection. To them, who have the task of proclaiming Christ, to serve him and be his messengers, we ask this party to help us realize the will the Lord in our lives.

The party also wants to continue to “ play ”with the children that are in heaven and remain united with them in a loving embrace that the feast is manifested in two very exciting and moving: the celebration of Holy Mass and the Celebration Square with the launch of balloons on which are attached text messages to the “sky city”.

Another purpose of the party, not least, is to come together as one family: families in the great family which is the Church. On the feast all this is manifested in prayer made ​​together, to get involved in the festival, and in sharing lunch brought from home and consumed outdoors as they did once.

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