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Assisi Underground


In Assisi it is possible to visit two authentic jewels of Roman Age which lay underground:

The Roman House of Properzio
is located under the crypt of the Church of the Vescovado, St. Maria Maggiore. It was in the square in front of this building that Saint Francis renounced all his worldly goods in the presence of his father Pietro di Bernardone, the Bishop Guido, and the noblemen and citizens of Assisi. The house of the poet Sesto Properzio, next to the southern city walls, was brought to light in the mid twentieth century. The uncovered part consists of a wide cryptoporticus and two frescoed rooms with flower and sea decorations. In these rooms, pavings of different shapes are absolutely exquisite and valuable, in opus sectile, and are among the most precious marble available at that time: from cipollino marble to greco scritto marble, to ancient yellow marble or in opus scutulatum, with a polychrome marble inlaying on a monochrome base.

The Domus del “Lararium”, situated under Palazzo Giampè, can be observed from above: you can admire the splendid mosaics and frescoes recently restored: rooms and decorations are perfectly preserved. It is a Roman house of great interest  for its painting decorations (3rd Pompeian style). However, the most impressive aspect is the height of its walls, very rare outside of Rome and Pompei: walls are 4 metres high in all rooms. Moreover, you can see a beautiful inner portico-garden, whose high columns are still visible.

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Tipologia: Archeologico
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